Dental treatment in Dubai

Dental treatment in Dubai

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Providing services Dental treatment in Dubai

The provision of dental treatment in Dubai includes the following :


What is veneers?

Veneers are a quick way to a beautiful smile, and this treatment is perfect for people with teeth that are stained, chipped or have gaps. But veneers are largely a permanent treatment, and having them placed is a big decision. Before you and your dentist decide the procedure is right for you, it’s important to have the right information about veneers, their cost and how best to care for them.

A veneer is a wafer-thin, custom-made shell of tooth-colored materials designed to cover the front surface of teeth to improve your appearance while also providing strength and resilience comparable to natural tooth enamel. They are customized to the shape of your teeth and are bonded to the tooth’s original enamel during in-office procedures. Dental veneers can be made from porcelain or from resin composite materials. Below, we’ll take a closer look at the difference between those two.

Dental treatment in Dubai

Veneers are a less intrusive option than crowns or braces. Veneers can be used to close gaps or correct small misalignments. Patients also choose veneers as a cosmetic solution to enhance the brightness of their teeth and to straighten their smile, correcting issues like discoloration, fractures, or chips.

Getting a dental veneer usually requires one to three trips to the dentist – one for a consultation and two to make and apply the veneers.

Dental treatment in Dubai



what is composite

A composite is a material made from two or more different materials that, when combined, are stronger than those individual materials by themselves. Simply put, composites are a combination of components.

Dental composite is a mixture of resins, or a combination of glass and plastics. It’s widely popular in dental procedures – including cavity filling, restoration, and cosmetic reshaping – because of its stability and safety. Unlike the metal fillings of the past, composite also offers a great aesthetic advantage. It can also be matched nearly identically to your own tooth shade, so that once it’s placed, it’s nearly undetectable.

Most often, dental composite is applied to fill in cavities, but can also be used to improve the appearance of discolored or misshapen teeth. It’s applied in layers, with a specialized light used to harden each coat, then shaped and polished to match the tooth. It’s preferred by dentists because it provides well-bonded, natural results. Composite supports the natural tooth structure and helps to protect against chipping, breakage, and temperature changes (in the case of sensitive teeth).

Now that you know a bit more about dental composite and what it is, you can rest a easier when you think about your upcoming procedure. If you have any further questions, particularly about your case and treatment, it’s best to ask your dentist. They’ll be able to provide you with more specific information about how the techniques and materials will be used during your appointment.

teeth whitening

What is teeth whitening

Teeth whitening refers to a variety of processes that aim to make someone’s natural teeth appear brighter and whiter. Teeth whitening methods include sanding down stains, bleaching, ultraviolet (UV) light therapy, and more.

Dental treatment in Dubai

Many different teeth whitening products are available, and you can try many approaches at home. You can also get your teeth whitened at your dentist’s office.

Some teeth whitening methods can cause uncomfortable side effects, particularly tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. Let’s take a look at how teeth whitening works, how to do it safely, and what you should know about its side effects.

Dental treatment in Dubai

To whiten your teeth effectively, you’ll need to choose a whitening method that addresses the type of staining you have. If you have both intrinsic and extrinsic staining (explained below), you’ll likely need to choose a whitening method that safely addresses each type.

If you aren’t sure which kind of staining you have, consider consulting your dentist. They can advise you on the type of stains on your teeth and which method might work best.

Stains that are inside your tooth enamel are called intrinsic stains. Intrinsic staining is sometimes present even before your teeth erupt from your gums when you’re a kid.

These stains can result from antibiotic use, high levels of fluoride exposure, and your tooth enamel growing thinner as you age. Intrinsic staining can sometimes even be genetic, according to 2014 researchTrusted Source.


what is invisalign

Invisalign is a clear, custom-made dental treatment that uses transparent aligners to move teeth into their correct positions. The aligners are custom-made to your teeth, and they’re removable. Over time, the aligners move your teeth into their correct positions, and they can be removed whenever necessary (e.g. when eating). It’s a minimally invasive treatment that can make teeth look good and feel better – without any pain or need for traditional dental treatments like metal braces.

Dental treatment in Dubai

Invisalign braces are made out of plastic or a resin known as “polyurethane resins.” They are medical grade, with a high molecular weight. This biocompatible material is strong enough to endure the impact of your teeth but lightweight with a polymer coating, so you don’t experience discomfort. The removable silicone cushioning allows for comfort and freedom of movement without any restrictions.

Dental treatment in Dubai

The FDA-approved treatment aligns your teeth by moving them forward or backwards on a custom-made track. Invisalign treatment typically lasts for approximately 18 months.

For those wondering if Invisalign treatment is safe, it is discrete, comfortable, safe, and convenient, but you may be wondering if this treatment is right for you.

Dental treatment in Dubai

A Painless BPA Free Alternative

The safety of the chemical “BPA” has been questioned in recent years, but thankfully Invisalign provides a cheaper alternative to braces without the risk of this highly toxic chemical.

With completely safe plasticizers, clear aligners use a medical-grade polyurethane resin to make clear braces because they are proving safer without the addition of dangerous chemicals. With Invisalign, you can enjoy painless treatment without the risks.

Dental treatment in Dubai

scaling and polishing

what is scaling and polishing

A scaling and polishing is basically the procedure used to professionally clean your teeth and gums. Plaque and tartar build up around your teeth, which cannot be removed by brushing alone. Specialised equipment must be used to clean the teeth, such as an Ultrasonic device we use at Benson Dental, which uses high speed movements to remove stubborn substances off the teeth. It’s quick, easy and pain free and your teeth will really be happy from it.
Beautiful teeth and gums

The main reason a scale and polish is needed is because of plaque. After you have brushed your teeth, your teeth get covered in proteins found in your saliva. This allows bacteria to stick to your teeth and gums which cause cavities (holes in your teeth) and gum disease. Not only can this damage your teeth and gums but can also be a serious source of bad breath!

Dental treatment in Dubai

As time goes by the bacteria can continue to grow, eventually hardening into calculus which is extremely difficult to remove by brushing alone. It can build up in places that your toothbrush cannot reach properly and even in easy to reach places if your brushing technique isn’t spot on. Now the build-up of calculus is a problem, it causes decay, bleeding gums and gum recession. Leaving plaque unattended can result in some expensive dental treatment being required to correct the damage.

Dental treatment in Dubai

Both dentists and dental hygienists can carry out scale and polish treatment, but in most cases it can be better to see a dental hygienist. They are able to spend more time cleaning your teeth, unlike a dentist whose appointment times are often very restrictive. Hygienists often spend most of their time carrying out this treatment, making them really effective at it.

root canal treatment

Dental treatment in Dubai

What is root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is an extremely common and predictable procedure for our highly experienced and specailist endodontists at our 5* rated Hampstead clinic. When performed by a highly qualified and experienced specialist, success rates for this procedure are extremely high.

Dental treatment in Dubai

But, as with any medical or dental procedure, you should always consider the potential complications, risks and root canal treatment side effects as detailed below.

Our highly trained staff have been carrying out procedures like this for years and are able to greatly reduce many potential risks with careful planning.

Dental pulp is the living part inside each of your teeth. If this becomes infected, however, it must be removed by root canal therapy. Whilst this saves your tooth from extraction, removes the infected tissue and stops the infection from spreading, it also means this living part is taken away.

Dental treatment in Dubai

Tooth pulp contains connective tissue, blood vessels and nerves, and without it, some patients can experience some form of discolouration in the treated tooth.

This is because, once the pulp is removed, the tooth essentially dies. In some cases, the dead roots of the tooth begin to start showing through the dentin. This only occurs in a very small percentage of cases though.

However, if this does happen, it can easily be aesthetically treated with crowns or veneers to improve their appearance.

Everything within your body is connected to one another and your teeth are no different. A fairly common risk with root canals is that they can cause problems with your sinuses.

This is because, in some circumstances, liquid in your jaw can leak slightly through the membranes in your nose. It may not sound pleasant but because your root canal and sinus cavity are practically neighbours, it could potentially happen.

Dental treatment in Dubai

Whilst this is in no way life threatening, inflammation in the sinus cavities can be irritating with headaches and congestion being the main symptoms.

One way to check if your sinus problems are actually being caused by your root canal procedure will be a continuously salty flavour in your mouth.

In most cases, this problem goes away after a few weeks. If it persists, visit your dentist at Dental Perfection’s North London practice in Hampstead, or speak to your doctor about antibiotics or nasal saline solutions.

Hollywood Smile

what is Hollywood Smile

The dazzling effect of the Hollywood smile on the red carpet has become a prominent feature in Hollywood. Celebrities and A-listers from various backgrounds and of different ages, dominate the screens and scenes of movies with their gloving pearly whites and glamorous smiles. The lens the media focuses on the Hollywood smile brought intense attention on the impact of teeth. The significance smiles have in portraying your character and accentuating your charisma is monumental.

Dental treatment in Dubai

Dental treatment in Dubai

Unlike the several trends that society imposes on us, having a perfect set of teeth impacts our life. Teeth, aside from their function, serve as an indicator of our general physical and mental health. Owing to the significance of our teeth on our social life, cosmetic dentistry generally, and Hollywood smile specifically, have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years.

Hollywood smile refers to the ideal designer smile most celebrities and models glove. It constitutes specific attributes of pearly, bright, aligned, and gap-free whites. The Hollywood smile procedure is a simple procedure that can fix an extensive array of dental impairments. The aim of this smile is to get an ideal set of teeth and a glowing grin.

The technology relies solely on dental veneers, shell-like structures made of varying materials that apply to the facade of teeth. The function of dental veneers is to eclipse the present mishaps and reinvent the smile. For instance, Dental issues that a Hollywood smile procedure can fix are dental discolorations, staining, deterioration, and gaps. All the above problems can have adverse consequences on self-esteem and self-image.


Dental treatment in Dubai

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